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Poly and Plastic Tarps by ProSew in Vernon BC

H.D. Poly Tarps & Plastic Tarps

U.V. Protected / Double Coated Weave

These Heavy weight Poly tarpaulins have the maximum amount U.V. protection available in a plastic tarp. The double coated, interlaced weave is a 12 mill, 6 ounce material. This 14 x 14 interlaced weave is stronger than a regular 16 x 16 weave tarp. Rope has been welded into the tarps hem to strengthen and reinforce the grommets against pull-out. The grommets are a anti-corrosion type and they are placed every 3 feet around the perimeter of the tarp. All four corners of the ProSew™ H.D. poly tarps have a 4 layer gusset to super strong corners. These gussets add a lot of strength against extreme winds. The ProSew™ heavy Duty Plastic tarps are a popular forest green cover on the top side and a bright white underneath. This white color makes a big difference when the tarp is used as a replacement cover for a portable shelter or garage.

ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC
Canvas Tarps and Covers in Vernon BC
Canvas Tarps by ProSew Vernon BC

Deluxe Canvas Tarps

Water-Repellent Treated – Canadian Made

The traditional canvas tarp has proven to be a reliable material for tarping and covering for decades. From farm equipment to hunters outfitter tents, canvas is the only type of tarp many of our customers will use. The ProSew™ line of canvas tarpaulins come in two popular types, Tan or clear treated. The tan treated canvas tarp is a 13 ounce cotton canvas base with a 5 ounce tan treatment to provide water proofing and rot resistance (18oz after treatment). The tan treated canvas is a more economical canvas tarp compared to the clear treated canvas material, but it does have a slight odor from the tan water-repellent coating. The tan coating can also rub off on the objects your covering when the tarp is new. This makes it the ideal choice for covering wood piles etc.

The clear treated canvas is a 12 ounce cotton canvas base with a 2 ounce clear water repellent treatment (14oz after treatment).  Although the clear treated canvas tarps cost a bit more than the tan treated, there is no odor and these tarps will not stain the objects they are covering.

Both of these styles of canvas tarps feature anti-corrosion grommets (eyelets) on 24 inch centers. The perimeter hems are also double reinforced for extra strength. As an extra bonus, the canvas tarps are CANADIAN MADE.

ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC
Custom Vinyl Tarps and Mesh Tarps by ProSew in Vernon BC
ProSew is Tarp Central in Vernon BC

Custom Welded Vinyl Tarps by ProSew™

Solid Vinyl or Vinyl Mesh Tarps

At ProSew™ we custom made your vinyl tarp or mesh tarp to your exact requirements. Every single tarp is built from the ground up to the size and configuration you require. We can do the standard flat square or rectangle tarp style or unique shapes like round or triangular. We have also done many that are shaped like a box, with 4 sides and a top. These box style tarps are popular for covering items like utility or landscaping trailers. We can also add in options like zippered corners to make then easier to put on or remove.

You can choose from a wide selection of colors and vinyl weights for your tarp. Some are also available with a flame retardant rating. These fire resistant tarps are perfect for indoor industrial curtains. We also carry clear vinyl for industrial curtains. This clear vinyl fabric is popular for car wash bay curtains or inside car dealerships.

Our vinyl tarps range from a lightweight 10oz tarpaulin fabric, up to our 50 ounce – two ply vinyl material. Our vinyl tarps feature Fusion™ welded Seams. These welded tarp seams guarantee a water-proof tarp. Also, our vinyl tarps also feature double locking, solid brass grommets for extra strength. The perimeter hems are also commonly reinforced with a 6000 lbs break strength seat belt webbing.

ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC
ProSew Tarp and Awning Showroom in Vernon BC

ProSew™ Awning Showroom | Vernon BC

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The ProSew™ Awning showroom showcases a variety of quality awning & shading products for your home, business or RV.
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ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC
ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC