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Outdoor Kitchen Cover

Custom Made for a perfect fit

Perfect Fit Every time

Premium Marine Grade Fabric

Retractable Awnings at Wholesale by ProSew in Vernon BC

We cover all sizes and styles of Outdoor Kitchens

Custom Fit – BBQ’s only or complete outdoor kitchens

ProSew™ specializes in custom fit outdoor kitchen covers. We custom make your cover for a perfect fit every time. Protect your investment from the elements.


ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC
Awnings Wholesale by ProSew in Vernon BC

Water Proof Fabrics

Breathable – Durable

ProSew™ offers a wide range of performance fabrics for you to choose from. The ProSew™ fabricators can help you select a cover fabric that is perfect for your application. Below are just some of the properties your chosen fabric can have.

  • Breathability –  Fabrics that are breathable help keep rain and snow out, while letting trapped moisture escape through the fabric. This helps prevent condensation from accumulating under your cover.
  • Water Proof –  Our Premium Vinyl covers are water proof. They can feature fusion welded seams and/or water tight stitching techniques that keep your cargo clean and dry.
  • Durability –  ProSew™ is committed to only using the best grades of material in all of our projects. This does always mean the most expensive. We can design your cover using the less expensive grades of fabric if you do not need all the feature of the premium grades. If you only require a simpler grade of material, we still make sure  it is the best available in the grade and price point.


ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC
Keep your Cool at Wholesale Prices by ProSew in Vernon BC

High Performance Thread

U.V. Protected – Designed to last

ProSew will only ever use the top performing thread in all of our repairs and fabrications.
Like Mike Holmes Says “Do it Right the First Time”

  • U.V. Protection – The sun eventually breaks everything down with its damaging Ultraviolet rays. The thread that ProSew™ uses has extra U.V. inhibitors added to ensure your sewing project or repair will have an extra long life of durability and performance.
  • Colorfastness – Our thread is twisted and bonded using a State-of-the Art bonding and dying process. This helps retain the original color of the thread by reducing fading over time.
  • Anti-Wicking – ProSew threads also feature a anti-wicking property. This is great for reducing seam leakage.


ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC
Keep your Cool at Wholesale Prices by ProSew in Vernon BC

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ProSew seamstresses must have a minimum of 15 years experience.
We are dedicated to your satisfaction!

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ProSew Tarp and Awning in Vernon BC