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Quality Vinyl Tarps


By ProSew™


Custom Vinyl Tarps by ProSew™

The ultimate in tarps is a PVC vinyl tarp for durability and performance. At ProSew™ we have decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of vinyl tarps. Our vinyl tarps are available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. Ranging from 10oz all the way up to two-ply 50oz tarp material. Our most popular is our 18oz tarp vinyl.
Features of ProSew™ vinyl tarps:

  • Fusion™ Welded Seams
  • Double Locking, Solid brass grommets
  • Optional Fire Retardant Rating
  • Custom Made to your design and specs.

Fusion™ Welded Seams


100% Water-Proof

Why a Welded Vinyl Tarp from ProSew™ ?

Vinyl Tarps From ProSew™ Feature:

  • Wide Selection of weights and colors
  • Fire Retardant Rating Available
  • Weights from 10oz up to 50oz – Two Ply
  • Clear vinyl also available, great for industrial curtains
  • Fusion™ welded Seams – 100% Water-Proof Guaranteed
  • Double Locking, Solid Brass Grommets
  • Hems reinforced with 6000 lbs break strength webbing.
ProSew™ Price Match Guarantee ?

ProSew™: Highest Quality, Lowest Price.

  •  At ProSew™ we strive to supply our customers with products with the highest of quality, but at a price that delivers great value. ProSew will beat any local competitors price on a comparable quality product. Stop into our location at 740 Waddington Drive and we would be happy to discuss your vinyl tarping needs. Our tarpaulins are available in a variety of sizes and materials such as Heavy Duty Poly tarpsCanvas Tarps or PVC vinyl tarps.
Vinyl Tarp Information:

PVC Vinyl Tarpaulins are the most durable form of tarp you can buy. These vinyl tarps are made using either a polyester or nylon base scrim fabric and then the scrim is coated or laminated with PVC vinyl. At ProSew™ we will only ever us coated vinyl fabric, as it is by far the strongest type of PVC vinyl, with no change for delamination.

ProSew™ mades custom vinyl tarps to your exact specifications. using only top grade PVC material. Here are just some of the vinyl fabrics we commonly work with.

Solid Coated Vinyl (Water Proof)

  • 10 oz vinyl ( When you need an extremely lightweight tarp or cover)
  • 13 oz welding screen vinyl ( Specialized vinyl used to reduce welding flash)
  • 14 oz vinyl (Also a good for when you need a light weight tarp) Non-FR
  • 14 oz vinyl curtain material (Fire Retardant Rated) – ( Good for indoor industrial curtains)
  • 18 oz vinyl (10 oz is the most common weight of material we work with)
  • 18 oz vinyl – Fire Retardant Rated
  • 22 oz vinyl – Has slightly better abrasion ratings than 18 oz material
  • 40 oz vinyl – Good for areas that require a high wear abrasion rating
  • 20 Mill Clear-Vue™ Vinyl (used in industrial curtains when see-through panels are needed on curtains or tarps)
  • 50 oz H.D. Vinyl (2-Ply) Specialized vinyl typically used for ultra thick wear pads

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps Construction

Because our seams are Fusion™ welded, our vinyl tarps are 100% water-proof. We reinforce all of outside hems using using a 6000 lb break strength webbing. When required, we use double locking, solid brass grommets in this hem. This creates a very strong attachment point for tying down your tarp or cover. These grommets are perfect for when a corrosion resistant and durable grommet is required. When using a tarp indoors or when we are making you a indoor curtain or divider wall, we recommend one of our vinyl fabrics with a FR rating (Fire Retardant). All tarp materials have a very high cold crack rating of -40° Celsius, as well as the maximum amount of UV inhibitors. Our Vinyl also has built in mold and mildew inhibitors.

ProSew™ has built vinyl tarps for all industries. From construction companies, saw mill industrial curtains and Saw Mill tarps. Many of our vinyl tarps are also used in the farm and agricultural industry where a durable water-proof tarp is a must. ProSew™ will work directly with you to design a tarp that fits your need at no additional cost. Tarps are custom biult for you to your exact dimensions, color, grommet spacing etc. We can also add special requests like zippers or clear vinyl panels if required.

ProSew™ Vinyl Tarp Features & Benefits.

  • UV Protection Inhibitors (Proven track record in the Okanagan sun)
  • Our vinyl has anti-wear abrasion ratings, ensuring performance in application.
  • Many ProSew™ are also available with a Fire Retardant rating.
  • Fusion Welding™ our seams guarantees that your tarp is water-proof
  • All of our vinyl carries a cold crack protection rating. Good down as low as -40c
  • The vinyl material we use is resistant against petroleum, grease and many acids
  • Anti-Abrasion ratings and Tear resistant ratings
  • We custom manufacture your tarp or cover to any size you need.
  • Tarps can be made flat or into a box shape. – Almost any shape or configuration really.
  • Your tarps can also have extra items like  Velcro, Zippers or D rings added.


H.D. Vinyl Mesh Tarps

ProSew™ also can provide you with our welded mesh tarps. Great for  shade canopies or privacy fencing. Our Mesh tarps are also commonly used at protection screens or fall catch nets in the sawmill and construction industries.

When used as shading from the sun, our meshes have a variety of openness factors, ranging from 60% up to 90% blockage.

Sew™ we have many years of experience selling tarps in the extreme weather of the Okanagan valley and Vernon area. We only sell tarps that have a proven track record of durability and performance.