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EZ Snap™ Exterior Shades

Authorized distributor for Vernon & the Okanagan Valley

EZ SNAP® is the

Shade “Product of the Year”

Invented and developed in Vernon BC, but now sold all over the planet.

The patented EZ Snap® fasteners & the proprietary non-fray shading  fabric make it easy for you to “cut your shades to size” and install. With the innovative “NO DRILL” 3M™ adhesive snap studs and easy to use cap and pin fastener, you can quickly make and install your own shade covers for skylights, windows or RV with professional looking results and at an affordable price.


Heat Blocking Exterior Window Shades

For Windows & Skylights.
Block the Heat, Not the View.

Install the patended outdoor EZ Snap® solar shades. This EZ to install, DYI system delivers professional looking results for your home or commercial building.

Guaranteed to fit all sizes and shapes shapes of windows and skylights.

The EZ Snap® Fastener system allows you to install Optical Grade exterior sun shades on all types of window frames without drilling or using screws. Quick and easy.

Installing outdoor window shades on wooden window frames, stucco, or brick? Our diy window shade kits including Shade Mesh, Stainless Steel Screw Snaps, and step-by-step instructions will have you cooled down faster than you can say EZ Snap®.

Common Issues Solved with EZ Snap Shades Installed…

  • STOPS – Sun from over heating your living area or working space, making it hot and uncomfortable.
  • STOPS – Damaging UV rays from ruining your wood floors, furniture, artwork and other expensive items.
  • STOPS – Glare from sunlight reflecting on your TV and computer screens. This glare makes it hard to see and causes eye strain.
  • STOPS – Expensive air conditioning cooling bills.
  • STOPS – Sunlight reflecting off the of windows melting your vinyl siding.
  • STOPS – Views from being blocked by “Old School” interior blinds, sun shades, or awnings.

Examples of EZ Snap installed

in Vernon and the Okanagan Valley.

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EZ Snap – Wholesale to the Public

You can purchase your EZ Snap shading mesh by the foot and as many fasteners as you need.

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